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The Earth's Rivers, Streams, lakes, and Wetlands


are Deeper than you think.


Freshwater Films

We create immersive visual stories that introduce viewers to the beauty, wonder, and value of freshwater ecosystems. We produce short format films for web and feature films for broadcast and education. Take a look at our film portfolio.


Freshwater Photography

We work to capture the diversity of life in freshwater ecosystems throughout the world. Guided by the eye of award-winning photographer, David Herasimtschuk, we make imagery available for our members, partners, for artistic prints, and for stock licensing. Take a look at our photo portfolio.


freshwater community

We work to inspire and grow community of people who connect more deeply with freshwater ecosystems, and we partner with organizations who share our goal of creating deeper freshwater consciousness. We invite membership from anyone who supports our mission-driven work and will enjoy the benefits of accessing and sharing exclusive films and imagery.



Browse our website, and follow our Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and Twitter feeds to learn more about our work and the rich world of freshwater ecosystems.