Jeremy Monroe
Founder & Director

I founded Freshwaters Illustrated to help create more immersive imagery and stories that carry the beauty, biodiversity, and value of freshwater ecosystems. I see my job as helping to reconnect people to the intricacy, wonder, and needs of rivers, lakes, and wetlands.  My background in aquatic ecology helps me access stories that celebrate the vibrance and value of freshwater life, and with a talented group of visual artists and communicators, I work to make those stories as immersive as they can be. I have degrees in Aquatic Ecology and Fishery Biology from Colorado State University.


David Herasimtschuk
Photographer, Cinematographer, & Visual Storyteller

David is an award-winning natural history photographer, and is the visual force in our imagery, stories, and films. Dave's images combine his biological sensibility with a keenly artistic eye, and give intimate perspectives on the little-known aquatic and amphibious life of freshwaters. Dave has traveled the world to work on and document biological research and conservation, and his images have been published in National Geographic, BBC World, National Wildlife, High Country News, Biographic, National Parks, and many others. Dave has a degree in Wildlife & Fishery Biology from Colorado State University. Visit Dave's website.


Matt Kellam
Sound Designer & Recordist

Matt is the sonic craftsman behind our films. Matt's style combines his background in biology and bioacoustics, his musicianship as a bassist and an electronic noize artist, and an obsessive attention to detail. 


Board of Directors

Brian Vollmer-Buhl, M.S.

Debra Finn, Ph.D.

Judy Li, Ph.D.

Zachary Shattuck, M.S.

Gabe Sheoships, M.S.

Seth White, Ph.D.


Jeffrey Basinger, Photographer
Owen Bissell, Cinematographer
Sean Brown, Cinematographer
Eric Buist, Editor & Cinematographer
Steve Glass, Photographer
Ellie Larson, Assistant Editor
Michael Monroe, Cinematographer & Editor
Jim Newman, Narrator
Sean O'Connor, Cinematographer
Sally Rubin, Editor
Isaac Szabo, Cinematographer
Miki Takashima, Editor
Jennah Stillman, Associate Producer
Mabel Valdiviezo, Editor
Santiago Uceda, Animator
Mabel Valdiviezo, Editor
Jake Wehrman, Editor